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“Travel Treasures and where to find them."

Iraq is home to some true hidden travel gems worldwide. But where do you start? At Asfar Iraq, we have strategically combined a list of our favorite destinations for you to discover. So, prepare and catch us on the next memorable adventure, as we allow you to find comfort in the chaos associated with Iraq.

Our core inspiration in our day to day activities is for our clients to discover unique and stunning destinations of gorgeous boutique properties, natural beauty, culture, authentic journeys, and much more than they usually wouldn't come across themselves. But do these travel gems really exist in Iraq, especially when so many of us associate the nation with chaos? They absolutely do! Below is a blueprint of some of the safe, beautiful, and exceptional destinations you need to visit when in Iraq.

Al- Ukhaider Fortress

Al-Ukhaider fortress, commonly known as Abbasid palace, is a magnificent rectangular fortress that is roughly 50km south of Karbala. Abbasid palace is elegant; she is relaxed; she is striking; and a true definition of safety and serenity. From the unique defensive style and excavations to the gracing complex comprising a primary hall, a large lawn, a reception hall, and a servant quarters, beauty is everywhere. Abbasid palace architectural innovations are well-known and iconic, but certainly not overrated. The fortress also depicts the tyrannical and lively character of the dynasty as well as a heritage for the people of Iraq.


Ticked the overwhelming tourist boxes in Al- Ukhaider Fortress? Make sure you stop at Karbala, one of the holiest sites in the world for Shi'a Muslims, as it is home to the Shrine of the Imam Hussein. Karbala is the finest and absolute definition of religion. Karbala is strategically placed at the center of Iraq, a few dozen miles east of lake Milh, and about 100 kilometers southwest of Baghdad. Surprisingly, a substantial portion of the population in Karbala is of Iranian descent, and the majority of visitors who visit the city during pilgrimages to Husayn’s tomb are Iranians. Moreover, Karbala is also a significant trade center in Iraq and is frequently used as the exit point to the Mecca pilgrimage. A crucial thing to do while in Karbala is to take a stroll along with the city's heritage buildings and admire the 18th-century architecture, wide streets, and beautiful night view.

For accommodation in Karbala, there is exclusively something for every budget. My favorite hotels are the Karbala hotel, Atta Al-Hussain hotel, and the Baron hotel. But if you are after something exceptional and truly serene, you cannot go past Coral Karbala Hotel and Master of Regents City. The attention to detail and customer service in the hotels are out of this world. If you can afford a splurge, these are the two places that are well and truly worth it.